Have you ever noticed that most commercial bars are not labeled as “soap”?  Commercial bars are labeled as “beauty bars” “moisturizing bars” and “deodorant bars”.  Commercial bars contain an array of harsh chemical “detergents” that can dehydrate the skin and cause itchy flaky skin problems.  Handmade soap is made with natural emollient ingredients that are moisturizing, cleansing, and soothing to the skin.  Handmade bars also contain glycerin which is a valuable byproduct of the soapmaking process.


Glycerin is created during the saponification process and is naturally occurring in handmade soaps. Glycerin attracts moisture from the air to your skin and maintains a supple feel to the skin.  Glycerin is so valuable that it is removed from the soapmaking process in commercial operations and sold/used for high-end and expensive beauty and body care products
After using a commercial bar you will need to buy the glycerin that was removed in the form of a moisturizerand “feed” it to your ashy stripped skin!


Commercial soap manufacturers use SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) to promote a luxurious lather in their soap. Commercial soaps contain the same ingredients used in degreasers and detergents.  These harsh chemicals wreak havoc on the skin by stripping away the natural lipid layer leaving your skin dry, irritated, and thirsty.  When the skin is continually subjected to this harsh treatment it can respond with rashes, dry patches, and flaky areas.  The body can also absorb chemicals through the skin.  With all of the recent talk about autoimmune disorders and toxicity levels in our tissues who wants to add more to the load by applying unnecessary chemicals on your body?

Homemade soap does not contain toxic chemicals leaving your natural Ph and lipid layer intact. 



Using handmade soap is good for the environment!  We do not use harsh chemicals and therefore they reduce the impact to our precious water sources.  All of our soaps are tested on humans (willing husbands and kids) and NEVER tested on animals.